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Our capabilities include:

① Product and mold design input, quick budget cost budget.

② Appropriate tool selection and specific quotation, confidentiality agreement.

③ Use regular photos and bar chart reports to ensure mold placement and control are completed on time.

④ Our rich experience in the mold field enables us to provide our customers with efficient and professional services, avoid possible problems in the molding process, provide cost saving tools, and provide customers with systematic solutions.

⑤ Submit preliminary project plan to customer with clear project schedule.

⑥ Communicate with customers about mold design, find problems and optimize design details.

⑦ Design control and product inquiry.

⑧ Control the quality of key machining steps, manage the project progress according to the mold processing documents, and provide weekly progress and quality reports to customers.

⑨ Update photos and videos regularly according to customer requirements.

⑩ Take and produce test samples and submit part inspection report.

⑪ If necessary, it can be run in batch.

⑫ Complete mold transportation to customers, including protection, packaging, insurance, import duties and all necessary documents, with complete tool drawings and related information.

⑬ Optional transportation: sea transportation - about 26 days, air transportation - about 3 days.

⑭ After reaching the destination country, customs clearance and delivery to the customer's location.

⑮ Technical representatives are present at the start of the mold.

⑯ Guarantee competitive price and delivery.

⑰ Submit all mould record documents (spare parts list, mould inspection documents and process documents after delivery).

Our after-sales service:

Concept: serve with heart, perfect!

Smile: pass heart to heart consideration with smile!

Fast: complete the maintenance and service quickly!

Professional: to provide customers with professional and quality service!

Sincerity: treat each other sincerely and honestly, and move customers from the bottom of my heart!

Thoughtful: meticulous service, completely solve your worries!

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